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Lifestyle of Champions

Although we associate diet and exercise with keeping fit, many find that they fail obtaining their overall goals. Diets make people think of a quick temporary solutions that don’t work for the overall solution. Exercise to some feels like work.

I’ve said it before, overall health implies a lifestyle change. Each person needs to find their health niche that they can live with and that works. There are no easy solutions, and you can’t avoid the nutrition and exercise factor.

Sometimes the information is so overwhelming that people give up and never obtain their health goals. The fact is that it is up to the individual to find what works and that they can live with. If you eat a lot of salads and greens, for example, and still aren’t losing weight and lack energy, I’m willing to bet it’s your dressing!

Today, I’ll give you yet another site for nutrition and fitness that comes from Duke University, ironically called The Duke Diet!

Tip:If you eat the right foods, you will find that you eat less. Go high fiber to lose weight, because fiber fills you quicker and moves ‘things’ inside quicker. Drink water. Increase vegetables and go moderate on fruits. Eliminate ‘white’ pasta, rice, and bread, and replace with whole wheat and whole grain rice. Cut down or eliminate added sugars and salt.

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