About Me

About Me

Thanks for swinging by my page! It gets updated approximately every two years, but I generally keep the contact info current at least. It was last updated February 2013. I’m now living in Phoenix, Arizona now and working for a startup company, Fazerwerks, Inc. You haven’t heard of them. They make image processor chips for medical equipment, such as flat panel displays, televisions, projectors, and so on. Maybe in a few years you WILL have heard of them.

I recently received my master’s degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in the Department of Medical Technology and Clinical Laboratory Science. My research focused on integrated circuit design for wireless systems; specifically, I worked for Professor Jim Kanzey in the UT Wireless Research Center. While at UT Knoxville, I lived at the incredible International House, surrounded by students from 89 countries; among other illicit activities, I was involved in the I-House Council and the newspaper. I didn’t want to delete this entire paragraph so I just changed from present to past tense. Pretty tricky, eh?

Family and Friends

I am really bad at updating this part of the page. In fact, it hasn’t really been updated for about four years. Eh. UNTIL NOW! UT KNOXVILLE SECTION ADDED ON OCTOBER 31st, 2013 when I’m supposed to be working on my board! Knock yourself out!

  • Friends from Knoxville
    Knoxville rocks. This place is just the perfect place to go to graduate school, with the only drawback being that the beautiful scenery makes it tough to stay in the lab. Too tough for me most of the time, in fact. Anyway, here are my acquaintances with enough time to throw together their own pages. Shown in the picture is the infamous Maxie Lounge “Costume Party” of October, 2007. That would be Dave Oliva in the orange jumpsuit and myself in the Batman outfit. See now why Knoxville rocks?


  • Bruce Parnell. This kid lives across the hall and really *loves* writing Linux databases. Scary, huh? Other than the ugly fonts, it’s a nice page.

  • Jim Robertie. Another 5th floor compadre, Jim’s a Kiwi sheep shagger.

  • Peter Adams. I was just visitor 14 to his web page…maybe you can be visitor 15?? Pete is also a health blog writer, and will probably inherit my laptop.

  • Jon Chin. JT is more fun a barrel of monkeys, and he also smoked me in Connect-4 three consecutive times at The Blue Ridge bar. We don’t play Connect-4 any more.

  • Friends from Vanderbilt
    More accurately, these are friends from my early years at Vanderbilt, circa sophomore year. I’ve got some wonderful friends (it’s been quite a while, I think they are still my friends, I’ll try to update them eventually) from Vandy. Please take a look I haven’t updated the page since then. Sorry. Ooh, I’m adding a new section: random friends from Vanderbilt who I still remember:

    • Josh Seymore. He’s working at Analog Services, designing digital circuits. Go figure.

    • Roger Blaylock. He’s at Johns Hopkins studying complicated stuff like neurons and electricity and *still* has time to maintain a web page.

    Here’s Carol, Kim, and Dave enjoying a beautiful spring day on the green. They are working hard. You can’t see it, but behind the photographer is an evil place called the Rock (for a good reason). Tell me if this is fair: Dave, my good friend and roommate, is graduating with a Master’s Degree in four years (combined AB and MA). He has a total of 16 required classes, the workload of each consists of going to the Grad Center Bar every weekend to master his pool game. I get a single ScB degree in 4 years — and I have 24 required classes!


Collage time, baby! This is from my junior year at Vandy, and represents most of my roommates from then. An absolute masterpiece by Kevin Henderson of Nashville Production Agency web page fame. Let’s see if I can name the people — it was a tough year. In the upper left, we have Mr. Michael Maxwell, a driving force on New Dorm B first floor. Directly beside him is Ms. Tamara Jackson, a future disciplinarian I’m sure you’ll agree. The guy with the flames to the right is Mr. Pat “I’m a b#tch, I’m a tease, I’m a goddess on my knees” Buda. Where have I heard that before? The artist subtley includes himself with a scarf covering his face (don’t even say, “Been there, man.”). The mentally challenged angel w/ white hat at the bottom is Mr. John “MP3” Flippo, who is just below Ms. Jenny “Hit ‘N Run” Morrison. At the bottom right is Mr. Lawrence “I fell in to a burning ring of fire due to inebriation” Schwimmer, who seems to be at home in the flames. Finally, in the bottom right, we have Mr. Devon “No Limits” Norton. No no, no no no no, no no no no, there’s no limits!! Gotta love this one.


guitarPaul Vega, strumming his thang…. This picture was retouched with greatest respect for the two “participants,” Ms. Ciindy Alvarez (I wonder if she is glad she’s not living across the hall from me anymore?) and Paul Vega. This is from early sophomore year, courtesy of Ben Gilmore.

Check out Billy “Holiday” Harris! Any early work by Ben. He has since worked on fake IDs, various porn creations, and other Photoshop masterpieces. Billy stands 5’7″, wears a size…never mind.

Larry “Lucifer Satan” Dallas…are you as scared as I am? Swimsuit Model…Larry Dallas…Swimsuit Model…Larry Dallas…GOD I CAN’T DECIDE!!!

  • Friends from Arizona
    Here is a random sampling of friends from home in Flagstaff, AZ. These shots are from high school or earlier, aka a long freaking time ago. The people all look the same but older now, and many of them are married. Like Jessica, who is pictured when she was my prom date. Spoooooky.

high school 1  high school 2  high school 3


  • Family
    This section is horribly out of date. Please forgive the following page, which I designed in 2004 (long before color existed): the poorest family web page in history. However, the younger generation is busy rectifying this problem: please check out my brother Brandon’s site, which chronicles our family’s history in a much more aesthetic fashion.

    The fellow to the right is my brother Brandon who recently brandongraduated from Marion High School and is now attending a certain university in Boston. He’s also 6′ 5″ tall — don’t ask me how or why. Have you ever seen anyone more elated to get out of high school? I sure haven’t. Neither has Jeff, my little brother, who will roam the halls of Marion in T-3 years.