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Wuhan Researchers to Look Long-Term at the Effects of Coronavirus on Men’s Sex Hormones

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Researchers in the city of Wuhan, located in central China, are gearing up to conduct a long-term study examining how the coronavirus may impact the male reproductive system, which will supplement the current findings from small-scale research which indicates that the pathogen could adversely impact the levels of sex hormones in men.

Although the study is currently in the preliminary stages and has not yet been peer-reviewed, it would be the first clinical research into the possible negative effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) on male reproductive health, with a special focus on younger age groups.

Doctors overseeing the research (from Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and the Hubei Clinical Research Centre for Prenatal Diagnosis and Birth Health) have analyzed blood samples taken from more than 80 men who tested positive for Covid-19 between the ages of 20-54, and who were hospitalized in January.

The median age of the subjects who participated in the study was 38, and about 90% of whom presented only minor symptoms. The participants’ blood samples were taken during the last few days before leaving the hospital.

With these samples in hand, researchers examined the percentage of testosterone relative to luteinizing hormone. A low testosterone to luteinizing hormone ratio can be an indicator of hypogonadism, which is a condition of the testicles causing low testosterone production.

As it turns out, the average ratio of the participants in the study had a ratio of just 0.74, which is only half of what’s considered to be normal levels.

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men and is responsible for most male characteristics, such as formation of the testes, body hair, and building bone and muscle mass. Both men and women produce luteinizing hormone, and in women it’s responsible for stimulating ovulation.

For men who suffer from hypogonadism, symptoms can include sexual dysfunction, weight gain, decreased muscle mass, fatigue, and gynecomastia, or large breasts.

Hypogonadism is treatable, however. According to a 1997 study published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, low T leading to erectile dysfunction can be treated by testosterone replacement therapy or supplements that boost testosterone levels.

According to the researchers in Wuhan, more attention should be given to the effects of the coronavirus on the reproductive system, since over half of the people who contracted the virus were of reproductive age.

They added, however, that the results of the study weren’t conclusive and that the blood sample alone did not constitute direct evidence of reproductive issues with coronavirus patients. They acknowledge that other factors could come into play, such as medications or immune system response.

Also, a more in-depth long-term study is being planned by the research team, which could include sperm sample analysis and patient interviews.

Earlier research indicated that the novel coronavirus with a receptor protein cell known as ACE2, which are found in large quantities in the testicles.

At Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, a professor of reproductive medicine named Li Yufeng actually predicted in one study that the testicles might be a primary target for the coronavirus.

Other research has likewise suggested that SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), which is related to the new COVID-19 virus, might also lead to inflammation of the testes.

One researcher at the State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine at Nanjing Medical University, under the condition of anonymity, remarked that the new data was very valuable, but a larger sample would be necessary to fully understand the results.

He stated that there are many viruses that can impact fertility, but not all of those can potentially cause a pandemic. If the effects are long-term, he added, it could be a big deal.

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Atomic Medicine – How Nuclear Techniques Are Changing Health Care

Nuclear Medicine

The Role of Nuclear Medicine

We all hope for a long and healthy life, but illness, accidents and lifestyle can get in the way. For many it’s a question of living conditions.

When available nuclear techniques can help with diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide range of illnesses. They can contribute to better nutrition and identify deficiencies at an early stage.


Proper nutrition is fundamental to human health. A poor diet can lead to undernutrition and obesity. This increases the risk of illness.

In children, deficiencies that are not easily visible, can seriously affect their growth and development. Through the use of stable isotope techniques, we can find out what’s happening in our bodies.

This information helps develop and evaluate programs to tackle all forms of malnutrition and prevents diseases. It can be used to assess infant feeding practices and analyze diet quality by measuring the quantity and absorption of key nutrients and vitamins in the body.


The proper diagnosis of injuries and the early detection of diseases greatly increase the chance for effective treatment. Some medical imaging techniques use radiation to create visual representations of the inside of the body.

These can use x-rays alone or can be combined with medicines that contain radioactive materials. These radiopharmaceuticals are taken up by the organ or part of the body of interest.

The radioactivity emitted from these medicines is detected by special devices and provides information on the location and spread of a disease. These methods can support the accurate and timely diagnosis of problems such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


Cancer is one of the main causes of death worldwide. And it’s on the increase.

Radiotherapy is one of the most widely used methods for cancer treatment. It uses radiation to destroy tumors.

Some cancers can also be treated with radiopharmaceuticals. These can be taken orally and cancerous cells are destroyed through their radioactivity.

Following treatment for cancer nuclear techniques can be used to monitor the progress of the therapy.

Quality & Safety

Whether for diagnosis or treatment, the use of radiation in medicine must be carefully controlled. Too little radiation can be ineffective, while too much can be harmful.

So the medical teams that use radiation medicine must be properly trained and prepared.


For over sixty years, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA has been supporting the use of nuclear techniques in medicine around the world in safe and effective ways. The IAEA helps countries to set up medical centers that offer radiation medicine services and to procure the essential equipment needed to deliver high quality care and treatment.

It supports national efforts to produce and prepare radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Since the radioactivity of some of these medicines decreases quickly, they have to be prepared close to the hospitals where they’re needed.

The IAEA facilitates training for international medical professionals and students, and offers remote learning via its online resources such as the human health campus which is used by health professionals all over the world. Safety standards developed by the IAEA protect patients and medical staff from the potential harmful effects of radiation.

And the IAEA assists when radioactive sources used in medicine and no longer needed and must be stored or disposed of safely and securely. An IAEA laboratory provides a significant contribution to achieving consistency in radiation dosimetry worldwide.

Their Dosimetry Laboratory offers services that ensure the machines for cancer treatment are calibrated correctly and the patients receive the right dose of radiation.

We all hope for a long and healthy life. Nuclear techniques help us to achieve this goal. With the IAEA support, countries can fight malnutrition and provide the safe and quality health care all people – all over the world deserve..


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Watch For the Hidden Calories in Your Coffee!

It is becoming a trend where iced coffees are selling like hot cupcakes in many coffee shops and franchises. Most people think it’s OK to drink the iced coffees, especially in this sizzling hot summer!

However,  cancer researchers have given warning to the public that some iced coffees may contain as many calories as a McDonald big value meal!

The World Cancer Research Fund mentioned that they discovered the largest version of Starbuck’s Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino contains 561 calories. This amount is more than a quarter of a normal woman’s daily caloric intake!

And even though you can ask to hold the whipped cream on the Frappuccino, it still has a whopping 457 calories. Since most of the iced coffees are the combination of sugar, full-fat milk and cream, it’s definitely not a healthy beverage, especially for those who want to keep their body in fit shape.

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We Can Now blame it On the PEDF!

Attention, guys! This news might be a little bit surprising, but scientists from worldwide believe that they have uncovered a key reason why obese people have a higher risk of health complications when compared to people who are normal-sized!

This time, the specific protein in our body named Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor (PEDF) is the one to be blamed here, as it’s the main substance that is secreted by fat cells!

For your information, the PEDF can only be produced by fat cells in people, especially for those who have a problem with being overweight. The most shocking thing is the PEDF sends a signal to all the tissues in the body hence, triggering the development of insulin resistance. This amazing discovery may eventually be known as the main condition that leads to type II diabetes!

Besides that, the raising of PEDF levels is also linked to a number of other complications, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

It seems like we should keep our eyes in these nasty PEDF levels!

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Lifestyle of Champions

Although we associate diet and exercise with keeping fit, many find that they fail obtaining their overall goals. Diets make people think of a quick temporary solutions that don’t work for the overall solution. Exercise to some feels like work.

I’ve said it before, overall health implies a lifestyle change. Each person needs to find their health niche that they can live with and that works. There are no easy solutions, and you can’t avoid the nutrition and exercise factor.

Sometimes the information is so overwhelming that people give up and never obtain their health goals. The fact is that it is up to the individual to find what works and that they can live with. If you eat a lot of salads and greens, for example, and still aren’t losing weight and lack energy, I’m willing to bet it’s your dressing!

Today, I’ll give you yet another site for nutrition and fitness that comes from Duke University, ironically called The Duke Diet!

Tip:If you eat the right foods, you will find that you eat less. Go high fiber to lose weight, because fiber fills you quicker and moves ‘things’ inside quicker. Drink water. Increase vegetables and go moderate on fruits. Eliminate ‘white’ pasta, rice, and bread, and replace with whole wheat and whole grain rice. Cut down or eliminate added sugars and salt.

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Finding Yourself

I think the reason why most people fail at trying to develop a healthy lifestyle is because they don’t know where they’re going and how to get there. You have to make goals of what you hope to accomplish and what to do when you get to your goals. If you want to lose weight, you increase your fiber intake. If you want to build muscle, you increase your protein. This is basically how it works, but you can’t leave out exercise…no matter how much you try.

I have given them before, but I can’t stress Super Foods enough. Eating right and the right foods is what is going to make you healthy. I would like to add the Barramundi, Bison, etc., and others I will write about.

This blog is going to add personal advice on health topics and issues, while still keeping you informed on health news.

For exercise to work, the heart rate needs to be increased to 120-150 for about 10 minutes. Start slow and work your way up. Also be sure your exercise regiment includes weight training, aerobic training, and my favorite stamina training. For a good stamina workout, climb a steep hill or 10 flights of stairs daily!

Sodium has become my health enemy number 1. Salt is in practically everything we buy. I’ve also tried alternatives that still contain sodium. Contrary to popular belief, sea salt is not a healthy alternative. Salt is food tobacco and is actually an addiction to most of us. I read an article that suggested replacing sodium chloride with potassium chloride such as NoSalt. It also suggested increasing your potassium intake to reduce the effects of sodium. I add little (if any) salt to my foods, but any foods you buy contain some sodium.

If you get hungry while dieting, think vegetable. Dr. Oz even said that on any diet, you can eat as many vegetables as you want. The thing is to keep dressings to a low.

I hope I’ve given you some info you can use!

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The Virus AAV2

We may be on the threshold of the greatest discovery in medical science. It is a small and simple virus dubbed AAV2. It is special because in a laboratory it is found to kill cancer in mice.

More research is needed and approval for use may be years away. Still this discovery may lead to a total defeat of cancer in my lifetime!

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Personal Journal – Lifestyle Change

I always considered myself a health conscious guy. The thing is I ate junk food, started getting over-weight, didn’t exercise much, and lived pretty much an unhealthy lifestyle. I never saw real results when I did quit eating junk. I ate the right foods and continued to yo-yo with my weight. I exercised, yet the results were minimal.

It wasn’t until I started focusing on specifics that I began to see results. And the results were drastic. I also acquired knowledge through such experts as Dr. Oz. You should bookmark his site and check it daily. It has needed information, tools and resources you need to change your lifestyle and become healthier.

My first demon was soda. I was a soda fanatic and drank only soda. I thought ginger ale was the healthiest, but all sodas are unhealthy. I defeated this by turning to club sodas, seltzers and sparkling waters. It worked, I eventually gave up soda.

My next demon was Italian bread, which I consumed at least a loaf a day. It was a struggle but eventually I switched to ‘whole’ wheat bread. I even found a local supermarket that makes a whole wheat version of the Italian bread. A loaf of wheat lasts me at least 3 days and is more filling and contains more fiber. Between you and me, I believe fiber is the key ingredient to losing weight naturally!

The pizza demon was a challenge, but it is manageable. I found a substitute. Make my own with a whole wheat crust and veggie ingredients. Works for me!

Through discipline, substitution, experimentation, knowledge, my lifestyle is changing. I am eating healthier which gives me the energy I need to exercise, move, and just live!

I learned to eat every 2 hours, and limit my portions. Combined with the right foods, this keeps you feeling full and cravings are at a minimum.

I cut my main demon and that would be sugar. Instead of 2-3 tsp. of sugar in each cup of coffee, I adjusted to 1 or half or none. I actually enjoy coffee with no sugar, but when I crave it I limit it to one at the most.

Chocolate is a demon we all have. Switch to a 75% Cacao and limit it to a small portion each day and you’ll be set. Cacao is a healthier chocolate with antioxidants!

I still have a portion control problem. But it is in the process of correction.

After reaching a weight plateau of 220 lbs., I am finally moving towards 2

The one thing I will never trust are the quick fixes that are out there.

From the article:

A popular type of weight-loss product, heavily promoted on the Internet, is fraudulent and illegal, Food and Drug Administration officials say.

HCG weight-loss products that promise dramatic results and claim to be homeopathic are sold as drops, pellets and sprays on the Web, in drugstores and at General Nutrition Centers. They are supposed to be used in combination with a very low-calorie diet of 500 calories a day.”

500 calories a day!!! The weight loss, if any, is due to starvation. You should maintain at least a 2000 calorie a day diet if you don’t want to gain everything back and more!

Make your food count by using food that will give the right nutrients to your body. Real Simple magazine has a list of 30 healthy foods to start eating. A major player that I would like to add is BEETS!

I gotta do this again sometime!

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Fitness Quickies

I subscribe to a few health periodicals. Although there might be a slew of information that I already knew, the information that is new to me is a gem under a boulder. I learned, for instance, that you should be careful of your use of vitamin A, vitamin E, and beta-carotene supplements because these antioxidants that protect cells against free radicals, may also protect cancer cells. This means that sometimes my information may not have a link.

When losing weight, many of us reach a plateau where we seem we can’t lose any more weight. Denise Austin gives a few tips on how to move past this stage. I’m trying to go past this stage at this time. I am watching my portions and pushing myself a bit longer in my activities. I am also trying to change my routine, to a point.

Speaking of portion control and reading the nutrition label, I found that I am getting too much sodium in my diet. Even in healthy foods. I’m on a mission to watch my sodium at all costs. I use very little salt when I make my meals from scratch. I’ve devised a trick that I am using and I’ll use my cottage cheese and salsa mix that I heard about on Dr. Oz.

A serving size of cottage cheese is 1/2 cup. A 16 oz. Container has 4 servings. Sodium per serving is 470 mg. or 20% of your daily value. The salsa has 240 mg. or 10% of your dv. That’s 30% sodium in one meal. I have decided to reduce the servings. If I can get 5-7 servings from the cottage cheese, instead of 4, and I get over 20 servings of salsa, instead of the 15 per container, I’ve cut the sodium. It’s a start. Another thing I do is wash can foods, or run water, to reduce the sodium!

I thought I was going to move to an apartment complex with a gym, but that fell through. Since I still want to quit my gym, I am going to purchase what I consider essentials for me. Since I do alot of walking at work, I’ll get an indoor bike for my cardio. I have weights, a heart monitor, a kettlebell, and a metal cable chest extender. I am planning on acquiring a couple more kettlebells, a medicine ball, a stability ball, a bench, and get some sort of exercise bands or cables.

According to a UCLA study these are the top ten foods to help you live a longer healthier life:

1) Almonds
2) Apples
3) Blueberries
4) Broccoli
5) Beans
6) Beets
7) Spinach
8) Bananas
9) Sweet Potatoes
10) Wheat Germ

Get these foods incorporated into your diet more and you’ll feel the difference!

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Second-Hand Stress: Mental & Emotional Strain By Proxy

We all know what a downer people can be when exhibiting negative attitudes, but now research is showing how harmful exposure to other people’s stress can be – actually acting like a contagion. Just take a look at this video:

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