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Finding Yourself

I think the reason why most people fail at trying to develop a healthy lifestyle is because they don’t know where they’re going and how to get there. You have to make goals of what you hope to accomplish and what to do when you get to your goals. If you want to lose weight, you increase your fiber intake. If you want to build muscle, you increase your protein. This is basically how it works, but you can’t leave out exercise…no matter how much you try.

I have given them before, but I can’t stress Super Foods enough. Eating right and the right foods is what is going to make you healthy. I would like to add the Barramundi, Bison, etc., and others I will write about.

This blog is going to add personal advice on health topics and issues, while still keeping you informed on health news.

For exercise to work, the heart rate needs to be increased to 120-150 for about 10 minutes. Start slow and work your way up. Also be sure your exercise regiment includes weight training, aerobic training, and my favorite stamina training. For a good stamina workout, climb a steep hill or 10 flights of stairs daily!

Sodium has become my health enemy number 1. Salt is in practically everything we buy. I’ve also tried alternatives that still contain sodium. Contrary to popular belief, sea salt is not a healthy alternative. Salt is food tobacco and is actually an addiction to most of us. I read an article that suggested replacing sodium chloride with potassium chloride such as NoSalt. It also suggested increasing your potassium intake to reduce the effects of sodium. I add little (if any) salt to my foods, but any foods you buy contain some sodium.

If you get hungry while dieting, think vegetable. Dr. Oz even said that on any diet, you can eat as many vegetables as you want. The thing is to keep dressings to a low.

I hope I’ve given you some info you can use!

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