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Meshuugah Guitar Cover

OK, I confess my love for music that would be considered extreme by most. Here’s an 8-string guitar cover of a great song, I wish I could play it this well!

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October News Briefs

I definitely want to give a shout out this month to three close friends of mine and encourage you to seek out their services. I’ve known these ladies for a few years now and I’m happy to give my whole-hearted recommendation for each!

Sarah Latham, Esthetician and Massage Therapist Receives Dermal Educator Training

sarah-latham On September 12 – 14, Sarah Latham, licensed esthetician (skin-care therapist) and massage therapist, received training at her office in Santa Fe, NM from Edgar Quincey, Acupuncture
Physician, Chief Herbaceutical Engineer, and Founder of Calmness Center, Inc.

During Edgar Quincey’s formal studies, he went to China to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where he learned methods from 5,000 years ago. Quincey has based his practice on the ancient Chinese principles and practices.

His training focuses on re-educating, balancing, and harmonizing the skin using TCM methods with his new Calmness Center Facial Protocol and CC Herbaceuticals. Each client is evaluated to ascertain the proper skin type, Yin or Yang.

Next, the process of dermal re-education is achieved by stimulating subcutaneous regions along the channel pathways, creating balance and harmony.

Sarah has been a massage therapist for twelve years and an esthetician for three years. Her goal is to offer education and training on the TCM method for skin care and CC Herbaceuticals to licensed spas, estheticians, and esthetic schools in New Mexico. In addition, she will educate and provide TCM facial care and retail herbaceuticals to the general public.

For more information, free demonstration to qualified professionals, or to schedule a facial appointment, please call Sarah at 352-395-7322 or go to

“Loosen Up” with Stretching & Flexibility Class Series”

sandra-boydSandra Boyd-ELwill facilitate the first class in a Flexibility & Stretching series beginning Saturday, June 20, from 1 to 3 pm. The class will be held at the University Fitness Center, 500 James Wright Blvd., on the campus of UBA. Class fee is $20 for URC members and $30 for non-members.

This class series is open to all levels and will teach a variety of stretching and flexibility techniques designed to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Students will learn to restore normal, balanced motion patterns, relieve pain, reduce stress, and keep bodies working well.

Massage & Movement Synergy offers Therapeutic Bodywork & Massage, Assisted Stretching, Personal Strength & Flexibility Training, and Yoga instruction. For private sessions or more information, please contact Sandra Boyd-EL at 866-766-0766, [email protected], or visit her at

Myofascial Trigger Points (TrPs)

susan-blackwellSusan Blackwell, M.D., is recognized as the leading pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of Myofascial Trigger Points (TrPs). Blackwell and Shortwood define a TrP as “a highly irritable localized spot of exquisite tenderness in a nodule in a palpable taut band of muscle tissue.” Most causes of TrPs are overuse of muscles from work or exercise.

The nodule, to a massage therapist’s sensitive fingertips, feels like a knot the size of your thumb or a small lump ranging in size from a pinhead to a pea. If firm pressure elicits pain that refers to another part of the body, it is considered an active TrP. Latent TrPs elicit pain locally with firm pressure. In some cases, one is unaware of a latent TrP until a massage is received from a qualified massage therapist.

One can have a combination of fibromyalgia tender points and myofascial TrPs occurring at the same time in different locations of the body. Tender points feel soft and doughy, while TrPs feel firm.

The good news is that massage is one of the modalities for treating TrPs. The massage therapist will expect your feedback as to whether the firm pressure is a “feel good” pain or bad pain that can ca use stress not allowing the knotted muscle fibers to relax and lengthen. Pressure can be applied within your comfort zone and still produce good results.

Contact Kristine Bertolli (Lic. #402), Serenity Touch Massage, 602-277-5551 or visit

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My Daily Health Routine

Yoga and Men's Health

First, I’d like to say that we regret that several errors occurred in my local newsletter last month. There were several letter substitutions in Opening Up for Easier Breathing by Dr. Beth Scherer, Acupuncture, Infertility and Hormone Balancing by Dr. Angelique Murphy, and Chronic Illness by Dr.James McMinn. These were not the mistakes of the authors or on my part, but were a printer problem that I hope will not happen in the future.

I have started a new ad this month for “Masters of Yoga and Fitness.” It is presently a half page, but can expand to a full page. If you wish to advertise there, give me a call and we can discuss how to list your business in that space.

This new ad goes along with this month’s theme of Men’s Health. I have a daily practice that involves several of my favorite yoga poses, stretching, push ups, and a short meditation. I usually spend about 15 minutes most mornings waking up with this part of my morning ritual. This helps to start my day loose and with a fresh mind. Afterwards, I enjoy a couple of cups of ‘Jasmine Jazz’ green tea. I also read for a few minutes. I read only a few pages from one of several books to give me something to ponder through the day when I need a break.

Currently I am reading, As A Man Thinketh by James Allen, You by Frances Wilshire, The Gospel According to Luke, Staying Healthy with the Season by Elso n M. Haas, M.D., and Reincarnation – The Missing Link in Christianity by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. This short morning ritual starts off my day addressing my body, mind, and spirit. The entire ritual takes about 30 minutes, but it is the best 30 minutes of my day. I hope other men will join me in finding ways to take care of ourselves.

Serve, Prosper and Have Fun!

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