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We Can Now blame it On the PEDF!

Attention, guys! This news might be a little bit surprising, but scientists from worldwide believe that they have uncovered a key reason why obese people have a higher risk of health complications when compared to people who are normal-sized!

This time, the specific protein in our body named Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor (PEDF) is the one to be blamed here, as it’s the main substance that is secreted by fat cells!

For your information, the PEDF can only be produced by fat cells in people, especially for those who have a problem with being overweight. The most shocking thing is the PEDF sends a signal to all the tissues in the body hence, triggering the development of insulin resistance. This amazing discovery may eventually be known as the main condition that leads to type II diabetes!

Besides that, the raising of PEDF levels is also linked to a number of other complications, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

It seems like we should keep our eyes in these nasty PEDF levels!

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